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Southern Sassy Creations

Wishing I was fishing

Wishing I was fishing

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This car air freshener is created in house with high quality scents that are similar to popular brands that you know and love!

They look amazing on your rearview mirror and can be used almost anywhere!


•1 Felt Air Freshener Measurements- 3x4in
• 1 Scent in a 5ml bottle labeled.
•These are DOUBLE SIDED with the print on both sides.
•Includes string for hanging.
•Resuable! Once the scent  wears off you can spray with your own scent.
•Includes 5ml bottle of the scent . The freshie is unscented until you spray with the scent on.
• These have square corners and the second to last picture reflects what they will look like in your vehicle.


Please do not place near textiles, the oils can transfer. Also, keep away from small children & pets, the oils do not need to be ingested.

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